The Spirit Awakened ~

Lord Timothy Dexter is Invoked

"Sole to Boddey" ~


The eccentric Lord Timothy Dexter of Newburyport ~
the prodigious & prosperous 18th Century merchant adventurer
who had prophesied he may "come back & see houe you all goue on" ~

is beckoned back to Newburyport to partake in
The Annual Harold Harnch Halloween parade ~
the Waterside procession

Commencing New Beginnings on the Old Celtic Calendar ~
Samhain on the traditional Wheel of the Year ~

And with this first step ~ the peradventure begins ~


Lord Timothy Dexter comes along
the pathway from the "littel brigg"
in Atkinson Common ...


Dexter passes through Newburyport's gateway to the common grounds,
seeking out Master Farren ...


Dexter and Christian Farren pose,
the latter costumed as Jango Fett from
the movie,
"Star Wars"



Dexter reads from his famous "littel book"---
"A Pickle for the Knowing Ones"


Dexter gets his bearings as Master Christian Farren gives him directions for
future reference...


Dexter "spekkelates" this year's harvest
of pumpkins with a Scarecrow &
a "littel farmhand"



 Lord Tim makes his introductions to
the "littel Bishipp" ...


Queries if this be the "Bunny in the Moon"
of whom he hears tell


Communes with the community while
quoting from "Pickle"



Inquires about the "gud sole" who has organized the Halloween affair &
is conducted to ...


Firefighter-City Councilor Joe Spaulding attending to a colorful clown ...


Lord Tim beholds Councilor Spaulding &
Mayor Lavender doling out treats ...




Then, taking his leave ~ his Lordship bids farewell ~
Making his way to his former haunts ~

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