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Home ~ Lord Timothy Dexter's Itinerary during Yankee Homecoming 2006

The time has come for Lord Timothy Dexter to once again fulfill his prophesy that ~ from time to time ~ he "may com back toue see houe you all goue on." With this year's Yankee Homecoming theme ~ "A Festival for the Senses" ~ it makes perfect sense (& nonsense) that Lord Tim shall play a key role on stage (& page) ~ helping to remark several milestones in history & history in the making (including the 200th anniversary of his passing). Serving as Yankee Homecoming's larger than life Ambassador-at-Large ~ Lord Tim will add a dexterous hand ~ partaking in various happenings (and happenstance encounters). What a monumental time will be had by one & all ~ from beginning to end! Look for that preposterous hat at the following Yankee Homecoming events.
Dexter's Yankee Homecoming itinerary ~ Check back frequently for updates
Saturday, July 29th ~ The quintessential Yankee's homecoming

11:30 AM ~ Lord Timothy Dexter's homecoming ~ crossing the Merrimack River and landfall at Market Landing (Listen for seven bells of the forenoon watch and look to the Waterside …) greeted by today's generations of the Waterside people and "orfishels"
12 - 12:30 PM ~ Opening Ceremonies at Market Landing Park (Enlightening, light-hearted & Lordly)
1 - 3 PM ~ The Waterside community gam ("Houe doue you all goue on?" ~ gamming with old & new friends at this social gathering at Market Landing Park ~ see roster)
3:18 PM ~ High tide! Watts Rock Opera composed with Bill Plante
6 - 7:30 ~ Out & about as Yankee Homecoming's Ambassador-at-Large
7:30 PM - 9 PM
~ Waterfront Concert ~ Symphony by the Sea (Lord of the Land, Lord of the Sea, Lord of the Dance)
9 - 10 PM ~ Lighted Boat Parade ("Lite comes from the East!" with Dexter offering to take the helm in love)
Sunday, July 30th ~ Olde Fashioned Sunday ~ Mocking the Past in Lordly Fashion

11:00 - Noon ~ Arriving from across the way ~ Dexter join his welcoming procession which begins at the corner of State and Auburn Streets ~ the pageant stops at Old Hill Burying Ground for a brief "serry moany All" & laying of flowers at Dexter's gravesite, led by Jonathan Plummer, with the epitome of Lord Tim himself
Noon - 12:30 PM ~ Dexter's has his "Day in Court" before the hanging judge (in Defense of the Lord)
12:30 PM ~ Dexter Uncontested (Hoola Hoop Contest; 1 PM - other contests; 1:30 - 5 PM - Sack Race; 3 Legged Race; Tug-O'-War)
Ongoing at the Mall & its surrounds ~ Foregoing & foretelling ~ Seek and Ye Shall Find ~ Find Dexter with the Knowing Ones, coming full circle at the Frog Pond & Old Hill Burying Ground ~ encountering Madam Hooper, Jonathan Plummer, the Undertaker & other "gud frinds")
6 - 7:30 PM ~ Wander of Wonders downtown alone & with entourage ~ fabulous confabs with old & new "frinds" ~ impromptu historical tours
7:30 - 9:30 PM ~ Waterfront Concert Series "Best of Berklee" ~ (Dexter and "all that jazz")

Wednesday, August 2nd ~ Dexter with Youth of All Ages

12 Noon - 2 PM ~ Kids Day in the Park at Atkinson Common (Dexter in youthful fun)
2:30 - 3:30 PM ~ Nursing Home Concerts (Gouty and sleany ol' Dexter brings smiles & hope)
4 - 7 PM - Senior Coronation; Merrimack Place (Lordly lauds for the King and Queen)
7:30 - 9:30 PM ~ Waterfront Concert Series "Search Party" ~ (In good form, Lord Tim finds his groove)

Thursday, August 3rd ~ Dexter on Death, Taxes, Fashion, & Fun

10 AM - 11 AM~- Dexter roves around Downtown Newburyport engaging the public ~ proferring his wares and awareness that "Assortment is good for a shop"
12 AM - 1 PM ~ Dexter's Dialogues with the Dead at Old & New Hill Cemetery Tour ~ Dexter's old and new life experiences
1 - 2 PM ~ Coast Guard Open House (Smuggling with Dexter & the Revenue Service)
6 - 7 PM ~ Fashion Awards Show at the Elks Club (Dexter on the runway)
8 - 11 PM ~ Beach Blast at the Grog (What a blast from the past, present and future!)


Saturday, August 5th ~ "Lord of the Flies" on a Super Saturday!

10 AM ~ Dexter "rises to the occasion" in Hot Air Balloon ~ then enjoys Family Day at Maudslay State Park ~ including the Noontide Teddy Bear Parade, the mid-afternoon 1860s Baseball Games ("wot wos wons 'town ball' in my day" says he)
3 PM ~ Dexter checks out today's "Watch" at Newburyport Public Safety Day, sponsored by the Newburyport Police Department
4PM ~ stops by the First Religious Society for "sum gud books" as they close their book sale
9:15 PM ~ The fireworks! Poof! Dexter mysteriously vanishes during the "fierworks" which he himself so relished ~ (according to his own record in "Pickle" ~ he included these in the items he would take into his "toume" ~ apparently something quite needful to him on the Otherside
Sunday, August 6th ~ Endings and Beginnings

10 AM ~ 14th Annual High St. Mile Road Race (See Dexter run! As the children were once to chant at play ~ "Dexter is a cute (or smart) old man, try to catch him if you can!")
12:30 PM ~ Yankee Homecoming PARADE (Taking the helm in love on the flagship for the Waterside people's float)
Immediately following the parade ~ Yankee Homecoming's "Chare" lowers the Yankee Homecoming flag for closing ceremonies at the waterfront & Dexter cheers a job well done! Huzza! Huzza! Huzza!

{Check Yankee Homecoming's week-long calendar of events at this link without. And "Dont Brake the Chane!" The Web site offers more insight related to Yankee Homecoming at these "Chain links."}




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