An Inventory of Dexter's OldeChest

1. A Clock , because Dexter was a collector of timepieces
2. A Bunny, to receive hidden teachings
3. Dexter's famous "little book"
4. Scraps of paper , perhaps his writing
5. Gloves, to recall his onetime trade
6. Dragonfly Impression , a craft project
7. Dragonfly Incense Utensil
8. Dexter Spoon
9. Obsidian Scrying Stone
10. Sounding of the Bell
11. Tassels to adorn his hat
12. Frog Bank , a symbol of "magick "
13. A Pouch of Pennies
14. Lost Fugio Coins ~ "Times Flies"

The  chest  contains  Articles  such  as :






A  Clock ~ Dexter was  an  avid  collector of  clocks , obsessed  with  timekeeping ~  As  a biographer once remarked , Dexter "out - Einsteined  Einstein"  on  the  theory of  time &  space ~ We  shall  test  his  theory.


A  Bunny ~ Its movements sometimes used for divination , a Bunny or Hare  is  often  associated with transformation , the  receiving  of  hidden   teachings  &    intuitive  messages .  Timothy  Dexter followed  the  “Ould Wayes”  &  the Celtic  Lunar Calendar  ~ so  perchance  he  himself  saw  the  Bunny  in  the  Full  Moon .   The Knowing Ones  certainly  do  ~ Do  you  see  the  Bunny? 

A  copy of  Dexter’s  anthology , "A  Pickle  for  the  Knowing  Ones" ~  first  published   May ,  1802 ~ reprinted  by  the  Historical  Society  of  Old  Newbury  &  soon available  at  the Cushing  House  Museum  ~ Plus ,  virtually  accessible  on  the "noue  systom of  knollege & Lite"  at ~


Scraps of Script  seemingly  drafted  by  his  Lordship  himself  ~ Messages  left  behind  &  submissions  from  the  Otherworld  ~ Instructions  for Invocations   from   his  Book   of   Shadows &  towardly  “thorts  &  axsions”   to  provoke  New Beginnings  ~


Gloves ~ to recall  his  former Apprenticeship  &  Trade  as  a  Leather Dresser  ~  Dexter's  shop  was at  the "Sign  of  the  Glove"  opposite  Somerby’s  Landing  on  the  corner  of  Green  &  Merrimac  Streets , now  the  landscaped  corner  of  the  Green  Street   parking  lot   planted  with  crabapple  trees ~


Dragonfly  Impression ~  Dexter  believed  that  he  would  reincarnate  by transforming  to  human  form  through  a  Dragonfly Darning Needle ~   Plus,    instructions  on  how  to  craft  a  knotted  twine  Dragonfly  Darning  Needle  can  be  found  at the link without:  


Dragonfly  Incense Utensil  ~  a   most  useful  Tool for  the Novate  to  measure  &   mix Incense  &  such   during  Invocations . 


Dexter Spoon ~ to  stir  &  properly measure   portions  for  potions  &  concoctions .  The   engraving   an  obvious  emblem &   metaphor ,  The  Ship  is  also  found  embossed on  the  lid  of  Dexter's  old  chest .


Obsidian Stone ~ All  Obsidian  stones  share  the characteristic  of  making  the user aware of  their  flaws  &  how  to  address  them , often  in  very  visual  terms  ~  Excellent  for  grounding  &   for  protecting  from  physical or  emotional  harm,  it  provides  shielding  from negativity  in  the  environment.


While as a  grounding stone Obsidian  helps to stabilize ~ As  a  Scrying  Tool ,  it  can offer an accurate reflection  of  the  changes  that  need  to  be  made ~  Its answers  can  be  quick  and  somewhat  pointed , as Obsidian  walks  the  Shadow  Side  of  the  Void .  It  will   help  to  provide  a  clear  course  of  action  &  let  you know  what  challenges  are  the  most  necessary  to  face ~  not  always  the  easiest  or  most  pleasant  lessons.


The  Rainbow  Obsidian  is  like  a  rainbow  amidst  the  darkest  storm .  Rainbow  Obsidian  brings  light  into  the  darkness  of  self .   It  brings  a  sense  of   joy , energy &  belief  in  the  possible .


Employing  this  stone  in  pyramid  form  should  prove  the  Waterside  people’s  optimal  hope  for transforming  the  very  best  in  Lord Dexter  &  in  ourselves ,  as well ~ preparing us to  commence New Beginnings.


Bell ~ a  favorite  donation  of  Timothy Dexter,  one  such  bell is still used  today  at  the  Annunciation  Greek   Orthodox Church  ~  Listen  for its  clear  tones ~ Cast  in  1796  by  the  Warner Co. of  London, England,  the  inscription  on  the  bell  reads "Given  by Timothy Dexter, Esq.  At  the  cost  of   $333.33  to  the Second Presbyterian Society of the city of Newbury Port"  ~  and was donated  to  the  Harris  Street Church  while  Dexter  lived  at  the  Tracy  House.


Tassels ~ to  trim &  dangle  on  his  Lordship’s preposterous  "Bonney  partey"  Hat!



Frog Bank ~ Dexter  oft  made  reference  to  the  frog , symbolically  comparing  humankind  to  toads  ~  It seems  the  frog  was  also held  up   as  a  kind  of   sign  or  omen , as  mentioned on  page  36  of  "A  Pickle   for   the   Knowing   Ones " ~


Actually, to  many cultures,  the  frog  is  a symbol of  magick   which   can  teach   you  to  leap   swiftly   from  one  level  of    consciousness   to   another ~  from  this  world  to  the Otherworld ~ The frog can also help you find the courage to accept new ideas, nuture   yourself   &    find  connections  between  ideas.


The  representation  of  the  bank  is obvious :  Dexter   was  a   wise  &   canny  investor  with  a   Midas   touch  ~ someone  who   followed  The  Golden  Rule ~ Try  the  bank  yourself ,  with  a  coin  from . . .


A   Pouch  of  Pennies ~  two  hundred  in  count ,  plus  one  Canadian  penny ~ Using the conversion of the Consumer Price Index ,  this  would  be equivalent  to  about $28.00 (twenty-eight dollars)  in  the  period  Dexter lived  at  the  Tracy  House ~  Just how  many  coins  will  Charon  charge  Dexter  to  cross  the  River  Styx  from  the  Otherworld ?  A  Penny  for  your  thoughts  . . .


“ Fugios”  ~  Designed by Benjamin  Franklin , these were  the  very  first coin  of  the  United States  of  America .  So-called because on  one  side  of  the  copper coin  the  word  "Fugio" is inscribed beside  a  sundial ~ " Fugio" in  Latin  means  "I  Fly," so with the sundial it implies "Time Flies"  ~ below  which is  inscribed   one  of  Franklin’s   favorite  mottos : "Mind Your Business" .


On  the  other  side  of  the  coin  are  thirteen  entwined rings , one  for  each  of  the  thirteen  states .  In  the  center of  the  coin ,  the  words  "United  States"  surround  the  slogan  " We  are  one" .


Franklin's  Fugio Cents  were  minted  in 1787 and  immediately entered  circulation ~ By the time Washington  was  inaugurated  as  the nation's  first  president  in  1789 , Fugio Cents were already in  wide circulation  ~ prompting the decimal monetary system to be later adopted by Congress ~ a fascinating history retold  at  the  website ~ with yet more insight at this (University of Notre Dame library collection) webpage .


When   President  Washington  came  to  Newburyport ~  staying  overnight  at  the  Tracy House  October 30, 1789  &  breaking  fast  at  the  Dalton  House  the  following morning ~ Fugios  were  jingling  in  the  coffers  of  shops  &  the  pockets  of  the Waterside  people


Where  are  these  fugios  now ?   While  collectors  place  high  value  on  these  coins , the  Fugio Cent's combined  message  continues to  enrich  us  all  ~ "Time  Flies so  Mind  Your  Business  &  We  Are  One " ~  Peace &  prosperity can  be  found  in  the  balance.




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