Transmigration of Dexter to Dragonfly
Dexter's Contexture ~ The Array of Threads that Weave
the Fabric of this Vision ~ Homespun by the Darning Need

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Wonder of Wonders --- Lord Timothy Dexter ---
wealthy 18th Century Waterside merchant, author,
progressive, philosopher, eccentric, bon vivant ---
fulfills his own prophesy and "coms back" to
"Nouebry Port" seeking a role in the 150th Celebration.



Dexter's open letter to the Community-at-Large begins with the salutation, "Mr. Printters let wot I rote goue thoue you find my way of speling is strangest --- My frinds & felow mortels & to All houme in may consarne." (Despite this explicit request, Dexter's unique writing style and original orthography require editorial explication.)

He continues, "I'me com fored to speak of mi selfe havvn past from sol to creater sum people at my hous that was noue the librey thort thay glims a peape of a Doarning Needel be thet caled All so the Draggen flie." In a sentence structure devoid of punctuation, Dexter explains the purported recent sightings of a Dragon Fly at the Library's Tracy House, his residence from 1791 through 1796. (Fascinated by mysticism and astrology --- Dexter had prognosticated his own re-incarnation through that insect, ultimately transmuting to human form.)

Self-described as "First in the East, First in the West, and the greatest philosopher in all the Known World," Dexter theorizes about Life, Death, Eternity and the journey of the soul. He recounts, "I ast what is the sole but the thinking part … so offen I thort I may com back to see houe you all goue on and what you ware".

Now that he is here, this energetic, activist citizen explains, "I must du sumthing … A sitteson must doue sumthing in the Com younity … make sum Noise in the world." And with that, Dexter promotes himself, citing his former long-term appointment as Informer of Deer.

Initially offering to pen "sum skraps, sum thorts" to compensate for the still missing Cushing Inaugural address --- given that assignment is now unavailable --- the 150th Celebration's banner procession seems to intrigue his Lordship. Dexter eschews the available roles of standard bearer or fifer musician, "I Never had the honner to be Long to that honerabel mesonek order & I Cant play on any mouskel when I was young I could play on a Jous harp it would make my mouth warter … but Everyeye annemal will doue for sumthing" he rambles.

This urbane, gregarious member of the Second Estate who reminds us, "Ime the first Lord in the younited State of A mericary … I Node I was to be one grat man … to doue gud for my felow mortels" has quite the "sumthing" in mind. Dexter concedes, "a good laff is beter than crying" and advocates "A mousement." He recalls the British custom that an "Official Whiffler" formally makes way for a procession, explaining "I pos-pos mi self as Orfishel Whiffler for the hollerday Sally braeshun Very founney very Drole." He pontificates, "call for me to take the helm in Love lade the peopel men women and shildren of Nouebry Port from the mousseum to Cittey hall."

Apparently, his Lordship comes fully "accessorized" and with an assistant, "I hav fond a nise littel dog that follers me Arond I will ware my bonne partey hat." This "Man of Letters" intends to "rite in the nous papers sum thorts sence bak in Nouebry Port mak grat intress wot the peopel liks" and closes with the inspirational plea, "Renoue brotherly Love Dont brake the Chane Amen Amen All is well All in Love," promising, "sumthing more Coming."

[Born in Malden, Massachusetts on January 22, 1747, Dexter arrived in Newburyport in 1769, prospering as a merchant and investor. Conferred the titular title of "Lord," he led a paradoxical existence steeped in Spirituality and distilled spirits, luxurious settings and what the "esteemed umpires of taste" considered gauche. Howbeit, through history, Dexter's "sole" remains undeniably pure, his musings, purely delightful. He died on October 22, 1806, his name and "Lite" eternal.]

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