Yankee Homecoming Press Release


Dexter Comes Home Again on Stage and Page

It makes perfect sense that Lord Timothy Dexter will play a key role on both stage and page throughout Yankee Homecoming's "Festival for the Senses." A believer in reincarnation, Dexter had predicted that from time to time he "may come back toue see houe you all goue on and what you ware." Fulfilling his prophesy, Dexter comes home once again in the form of Amesbury High School history teacher and Newburyport native Paul Jancewicz --- and what a (monumental) time will be had by one and all.

For what is more --- this time marks a number of historical and generational milestones, including the 200th anniversary of his Lordship's own passing. Entertaining and enlightening "Amousement" will be in dexterous hands as Lord Tim partakes in various happenings from the festival's beginning to end. In the midst of it all, Dexter will serve as ambassador-at-large, engaging all generations in happenstance encounters.

Lord Timothy Wants You to Rewrite His Epitaph!

As an emissary with a mission --- (for did he not offer to take the Ship's helm in love in "Pickle"?) --- Dexter dispatches the Knowing Ones to present the "gratest felosofer in the West" in the best light (and "afterlight") on the pages of the Yankee Homecoming program book and at his virtual domain at LordTimothyDexter.com.

In light of that, the Yankee Homecoming keepsake program book committee seeks inspiration from aspiring writers of all ages, and is soliciting bits of wit and wisdom to use in a composite contemporary obituary (to counter the dour, spiteful entry published by the Newburyport Herald upon Dexter's demise). Above and beyond, since Dexter has expressed disappointment at the prosaic remarks which mark his gravestone, he looks forward to a review of more epic epigraphs drafted by present-day poet laureates. Please e-mail all program book submissions to comity@comcast.net.

Selected entries will be published in the program book and all appropriate contributions will be applied to an "E-ternal" presentation at his Lordship's virtual seat. (As well, a medley may be recited at a gravesite "serryMonyAll" held on Olde Fashioned Sunday.) While the deadline for any contributions considered for the program book is Friday, April 7 --- the Knowing Ones forever welcome your belated thoughts and afterthoughts. Come to know more by visiting www.YankeeHomecoming.com and www.LordTimothyDexter.com.