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Sum Relish

(bits of wit, wisdom & whimsy from "Pickle")

"IME the first Lord in the younited State of A mericary Now of Newburyport"

"it is the voice of the people"

"I cant Help it and so Let it goue"

"Now as I must be Lord"

"It dont hurt A Cat Nor the mouse"

"All is Easey Now (no) bons (bones) broaken"

"All is well, All in Love"

"I command pease and the gratest brotherly love"

"Be linked to gether with that best of troue love"

"All nasions on the fass of the gloub"

"Any maturs of Importance"

"france and grat britton and Amacarey, if thos three powers would A geray"

"Lay what is called Devel (to) one side"

"I will let you know the sekret houe you may see the Devel stand on your head before a Loucking glass and take a bibel to your bousum fast 40 owers and look in the loucking glass, there is no Devel if you dont see the ould fellow but I affirm you will see that old Devel …"

"Unto you all mankind"

"whi ye Dont you Lafe be fore hevvn"

"(thay) think the heir power Dont know thorts and Axsions"

"meane (mind) your betters …(dont) Com to my house to mock and sneare"

"Now I will tell you good and bad it is not pelite …if you are gentel men you would stay Away …" (331 - 332)

"I wans to make my Enemys grin in time Like A Cat over A hot pudding"

"goue Away and hand there heads Doun Like a Dogg bin After sheep gilty"

"I am Afrade I Rite toue hash"

"my peopel Complane of backker spittel maks work to Cleane it up --- in the women skouts A bout it spit in ther handkershif or not spit A tall …" (333)

"I must say sumthing or I should say Nothing there fore make sum Noise in the world …" (333)

"No man sence Noers Ark Dare to Rite of so Littel of so Littel Larning."

"I pittey this poore black man I thinc his master wants purging" (333)

"How Did Dexter Make His Money ye says…"

"they all laffed …"

"I told them to act the fool"

"I was full of Cash"

"Here is the Rub"

"They smelt A Rat"

"goune to Nouebry Port"

"spekkelators swarmed like hell houns"

"to be short with it"

"one more spect" (won more respect)

"Drole a Nuf …" (334)

"I found I was very luckky in spekkelation." (334 - 335)

"I had the Ready Cash (to) by holl sale"

"I Dreamed that the good book was Run Down in this countrey"

"A bibel in every familey or if not thay would goue to hell ---"

"and if thay had Dun wiked flie to the bibel and on thare Neas and kiss the bibel three times and look up to heaven annest for forgivnes"

"my Captteins all had Compleat order ---"

"here Coms the good luck"

"Now I toald the all the sekrett"

"Now be still let me A lone"

"Dont wonder Noe more houe I got my money … boaz"

"it is hard work to be A king --- I say it is harder than tilling the ground --- I know it is for I find it is hard work to be A Lord"

"Lord Dexter --- I dont desier the sound but to pleas the people at Large"

"Let it gou to brak the way"

"it dus for A sort ment to help a good Lafe to Cour the sick spleney goutey dull frames Like my selfe"

"there must be A head sum whare or the peopel is Lost Like wild gees when they Lous the head gander two Leged want A head …"

"be wise or keep the links to gether"

"you must keep to gether at the wost hear it labers ye les"

"see there is so many men wants be the all offesers"

"Every dog want A bone sum more than others"

"A town caled Noubry all won the Younited states Noubry people kepT to gether quiet till the Larned groed strong"

Regarding confrontation: "geering A Rose groued worme"

"so much for mad people of Larning makes them mad"

"if thay had kept to gether thay wood have bin the sekent town in this state A bout halfe of boston"

"Now men mad to be in offess it hurts the peopel at Large Like Carying the Innegent Lam to slarter"

"Now keep to gether it is Like man and wife in troue Love Now guving death in the grander you will sous the glory"

"I say keep to gether dont brak the Chane"

"Renoue brotherle Love Never fade Like my box in my garding"

"be one grat familey give way to one A Nother"

"thous changes is the tide hie warter & Loue warter hie tids & Loue tids"

"very Founney" … "very Drole"

"under the Cloak of pie eatty the hipecricks Cloven foots thay Doue it to git power"

"Nothing to Lous"

"If you can bare the trouth I will tell the trouth"

"man is the best Annemal and the worst"

"all men are more or Less the Divel but there is sit (sort) of ods sum halfe sume three quarters the other part of beast of Difrent kind of beasts sum one thing and sum a Nother …"

"I sees god in all plases …the god of Nater in all things"

"wee Live and move in god, he is the god of Nater, all Nater is god"

"take one Ellement from us one of the fore take the fier or the water or or Eare or Earth wee are gone"

"so wee Live in god --- Now Less us all be good children ---"

"doue all things Rite"

"the strong must bear the Infremiteys of the wicked shildren"

"keep tite laws Draw the Ranes Littel harder stop-theavs as fast as you can …"

"Asort ment is good in A shop … sum sets (thare goods) of(f) better than others"

"when man is so week he wont doue for a Lawer make a preast of him"

"for week thing to go with week things --- the blind to Lead the blind so that they may fall into one Dich"

"… preasts have money to save sols I want to know what a sole is I wish to see one (Not a gizard) I thinks the sole is the thinking part"

"there is grat minds & Littel minds grat sols and Littel sols great minns and littel minds"

"According to hevdey boddeys that has the power of our boddeys"

"sum for grat thing sum for little thing …"

"… for a minister to git the tone is a grat pint …"

"Now the wether being very worme to day"

"Less bray (Let us pray)"

"fire fire & brimstone & grunting & sithing and tryed to cry & snufel & blow the sconks horne"

"sum the old fouls & young fouls"

"I tuck my hat and went out"

"houe mankind and woman kind is in posed upon all over the world"

"o for shame o for shame"

"I pittey them"

"be onnest doue as you would wish others to doue unto you in all things Now fear of Death A men … "

"Igrent (ignorant) man"

"the Larned"

"the Labering Man"

Often referred to himself as: "the old man with the hat"

"sueday houeman Nater" (study human nature)"

" walk as A band of brothers"

"from that time to this day"

"I thort that all thous that was brot up to Coleage the meaning was to git there Living out of the Labeer"

"If the Coleages was to continer (to) keep up the game"

"there fathers and gurdEands" (guardians)

"to Lay out one houndred years intress upon intress"

"gess at it & cast it see houe many houndred thousand millions of Dolors it would com to to make Rougs and thieves to plunder the Labering man that sweats to get his bread"

"good common Laning is the be(s)t"

"sum good books is best well under stoud"

"be onnest"

"dont be preast Riden"

"it is a cheat"

"all be onnest in all things"

"Now (no) feare"

"Let this goue as you find it"

"my way speling houe is the strangest man"

"This Cometh Greeting."

"Mister printers the Igrent (Ignorant) or the Nowing wons say I ort to Doue as thay Doue to keep up Cheats or the same thing Desephons (Deceptions)"

" to Deseave the Igrent so wee may Cheat and Likewise have wars and plunder"

"my wish is all Liers may have there part of fier and brimstone in this world or least sum part of it"

"(Justice) Else the gouement is Not good it will want pourging soone"

"to way Lay a man an brouse him unmassely All most to Death"

"A sitteson" (citizen)

"more than one Dolor A week to ment the hiways"

"my being Libperel is in part of this bloddey Afare"

"No sauage (savage) would beat a man as I was beaten almost to Death"

"I Did not know houe"

"the blodey seene without massay"

"Neare to it se and behold the oleful site"

"Laws in this part of the world"

"thay youse me the wost"

"it maks Inemye"

"if there is Any that call me A foull and pick A Qualrel with me A bout my (Riting in) Nous papers"

"Chouse for yourselves my frinds and felow mortals"

"pease be with you All"

"A men"

"selagh" (Celtic seafarer's greeting, "slainge" with "j" sound) or the puncutating "Selah" from the Book of Psalms

"I say to houme in may consarne"

"Now to our Rulers for a hearing in the first plase"

"… Nater has formed N Port and part of Noubry as well for pease and war all together as well as the Lord would wish to have it and now lett us be wise in proving in proving it n pease and godly love Not gruging one Another …"

"I have offen told them mankind was mankind"

"it wod not dou nor wod it dou for a foue people to hold all the public seccoureteys"

"for mankind was so much of what wee Call the Devel or Rouring Lions or wouls (wolves) …"

"I call it A mad bisness …"

"I am a frind to all onnest men"

"one thing fourder (further)"

"I have bin convarted upwards 30 years quite Ressned (resigned) for the day the grat day"

"I wish the preast Node as much as I think I doue there hearts would Leap up to glory to be so Reader (ready) for the time of regoicing"

"…Amen Amen see fath I du"

"Now (No) Wonder"

"T. Dexter says (I) Wants good judgment to live in the world, in giving and lending, trusting and borrowing"

"Now to all men that owes me, be so kind to themselves and me, as to pay me, in a short time … without futher trouble and cost."

"I say to whom it may concern --- to the majesty of the people of Newburyport, Greeting ---"

"Are the watch asleep, or are they afraid to detect those who are guilty of such practices?"
"Boast not of it, if you call this Liberty and Equality."

"Newburyport has had the name of being a very civil worthy place; it is a great pity some bad boys or young men should disgrace it. I hope our worthy and honorable rulers will bring those rude lads to see themselves …"

"lick the dust like serpents, and ask forgiveness of their betters, and do so no more, but repent and live …"

"(I am) A friend to good order, honor to whom it belongs, to great men a friend --- to all good citizens and honest men good bye."

"Whereas many philosopher has judged or guessed at many things about the world, and so on Now I suppose I may guess as it is guessing times."

"I guess the world is one very large living creature, and always was and always will be without any end from everlasting to everlasting, and no end. What grows on this large creature is trees and many other things …"

"All we know is we are here, we come into the world crying and gone out groaning."

"Mankind is the master beast on the earth ---"

"in the sea, the whale is the head fish ---the great fish eat up the little ones"

"and so men not only destroy one another, but they are master over the whole of beasts and fish, even over a lion,"

"therefore man is the masterly beast, and the worst of the whole --- they know the most and act the worst according to what they know"

"Seeing mankind so bad by nature, I think when the candle goes out, men and women is done"

"they will lay as dirt or rocks till the great gun fires, and when that goes off the gun will be so large that the gun will contain nine hundred million tons of the best of good powder, then that will shake and bring all the bones together, then the world will be an end."

"All kind of music will be going on … the melody will be very great."

" Now why wont you believe me as well."

"The follering peases are not my Riting but very drole"

"fouder (further) mister printer the Nowing ones complane of my book the fust edition had no stops I put in A Nuf here and thay may peper and solt it as they plese"

"My frinds & felow mortals"

"so it Came to pass …"

"got A quanted"

"my Dafter --- she A babey"

"he Old in Eage and larning, and Colage lant & lawyer lant and preast lant and masonik lant and Divel lant"

"he being A fox, and A old fox, he was After the graps (grapes); he tasted of them he Cryed out, sower"

"did Not git all the Lovs & little fishes, but got A part"

"hell on Earth; o, o, pity me"

"All good felow mortels"

"sade Creater …made with larning"

"pour (poor) as A snake"

"as proud as Louusefer"

"Dexter may Crye them Down in the lore Reagon"

"finly" (finally)

After his emotional estrangement from his wife, called her "my gost, my wife, that wast the gost …" "I was maried to the gost thirtey five last may" "Now for A wife that has A sole …"

"I have bin in hell all the time ---"

"I will Let the Cat out of the bag, and give lite to the blind."

"(every man) will Doue for sum offess --- Evereye Annemel will Doue for sumthing …"

"A Lepard Cant Altur hur spots, Nor beaver wont groue on a hoggs back."

"knowe the holl trouth"

"the grat man would shed tears with greafe, and all good peopel Like wise; shoking is the A fare."

"TO MANKIND AT LARGE: I Never had the honor to be Long to that onerable mesonek Order. I Noked once, twise, three times, & the gohst Apeared, sade, 'thou shalt not enter,' be Cose I have toue much noledge in my head"

"I sopose had I bin one then should bin to keep open Dors for thivs & Robers"

"I have Rougs plentey without keeping taven …"

"Now to All onnest men"

"sence, the troubel is such that words Cant be Expresed"

"Not …sence Noers Arke & sence the floud"

"finly, such a plas No whare in the world"

"all goes with it --- hoses, carages, (horses and carriages) all but plate and gouels (silver and jewels)

"Reserve the holey bybel … and one bouck more"

"my old head has wore out three boddeys; it would take a jourey of Doctors one our to find and Count the scars on my head, given by the gost & others."

"A men. Clean trouth."

"all the frinds of mankind sing prasses that wee are the grat familey of mankind, Now out of hell Delevered from fire and smoak, mourning for Ever."

"Now all in heaven, uppon Earth, Now all frinds, Now for a Day of Regoising all over the world, as the grate family, all Nasions, to be younited --- Not more wars, for fifty years and Longer. I Recommend pease --- A Congress in france --- and when wee are Ripe for a Emper in this Contrey Call for me to take the helm, or a Consler in the afare of trouth."

"Amen and Amen."

"TROUTH, I afirme I am so much of A fule the Rougs want to git my Jouels & Loaves & littel fishes, without my leave."

"thay all Caled me a foull, forty years; Now I will Call all foulls but onnes men; Now to prove me a foull"

"I Never Could sing, Nor play Cards, Nor Dance, Nor tell a Long storey, Nor play on any mouskel, Nor pray, Nor make a pen"

"when I was young, I Could play on a Jous harp --- it would make my mouth warter."

"a Clam will Cry and warter wen thay are out of there Ellement --- so wee the same."

"A good laff is beter than Crying"

If I had not the gost in my hous, I would give Lite to my brothers and & sisters, and have a pease all over the world, and beat the trouthe into my frinds."

"houe gud it is ---"

"houe onnest it would be ---"

"and houe mankind has bin in posed and houe thay have bin blinded by untrouths, gosts and mister Divels, thare is Now None of that order, all Lye"

"the mesonik; if thay will make a book of trouth I will give the Creaters --- I will take the Chare …"

"I will take the helm in Love ---"

"I may Com back and see houe you all goue on, and what you ware"

"when the gost is gone, and mister Divel ---"

"peace on Earth --- be fore I will have a war in my Day, I will be your frind, the Emper, and if I want help, I will Call my frind boneypartey, and gorge the third …"

"Now take Care ---"

"peas, I say ---"

"Except of what is Rewealed to me --- for it will Com to pass."

"I was born when grat powers Rouled --- I was borne in 1747, Janeuarey 22; on this day, in the morning, A grat snow storme --- the sines in the seventh house wives; mars Came fored --- Joupeter stud by holding the Candel ---"

"I was to be one grat man; mars got the beth to be onnest man, to Doue good to my felow mortels."

"I think I am a quaker, but I have so Little sense I Cant Deseave.

"I can swep my hous and git all a Noue, and goue out of hell."

"Law and trouth and Reason on my side; it must be done ---"

"Not one word of anger as Long as I Live to a good woman, I am firme."

"I had faith by Reading A book ---"

"I was to have this world's goods and be Come grate and be Amonkest grat men in the East and to give lite to the blind where in my fellow mortels have bin Douped for many thousand years with untrouth ---"

"Now turn the systom of knollege and Lite into good morrels of onnesty and good Axions ---"

"skoul master begin at Cadde mys and Collegeys ---"

"then we will have the best sogers in the world ---"

"the skolars to Larne by giving once a year some presents to three scolars --- the gratest to Larne After this way 3 Dolors for the first, sekend two, the third one Dolor ---"

"masters must teach thare skolars to have good manners to there parents and to peoppel in the streets un Cover and not to be toue Nosey --- Every sattaday give this Lession to the skolars."

"fourder --- I Recommend A skoul for to fix skolers to Larne Difrent Langeges --- to goue to Difrent parts of the world to trade --- goue souper Cargoue and when Lant Navagasion and Caricters good ---

"grat Advantage to the marchents ---"

"one million Dolors Annely to this Contrey ---"

"wise men pos-pos on this ---"

"all parents ort to studey the geaness of there Children --- but the Coulmaster is offen the best judger of scolar ---"

"I want the Larned to Let me know if there is Any proufe of Angels having wings …it is all stuff --- A Lye"

"I being A man without Larning please to give me Lite and prove it"

"the grate Tomas pane"

"Nomatter what Dexter Rits It Dus to make the Laydes Laf at the tea tabel."

"To mankind at large once more to Cast Pearls before swine, men beasts and devils because the truth set before them, they run away quick with long faces and very ghostly gallouses in their faces worse than bad but have mercy on those dogs of hell that cant bear the truth."

"Deception, they desire, so long in habit to worship the Devil."

"in 15 moons, 365 days ---"

"Now I will tell the O fools! Open your eyes: throw off the blindness and see O fools; blind to truth"

"Pay the whole debt and it will make all nations tremble to see our good economy. They will shudder and be afraid of the great, wise, noble people --- and keep up to what we set out to be, honest Republicans ---"

"No King, but you won't go it long without being honest. If you get out of the path, you will be brought to order. If dishonest, you must have a king. It depends upon good morals."

"Keep Judas's out of your councils."

"Watch day and night for mankind is mankind."

"Pray likewise O peace and plenty, and brotherly love continue."


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